Macelleria da Luciano,
quality meat since more than 50 years

Well-known in Poggibonsi and throughout the Siena area

Butcher Macelleria da Luciano in Cimamori

Local Food near Siena, in Poggibonsi

50 Years of Tradition

Local customers and tourists from all over the world choose this historic shop for its careful selection of meat and other local products.

Since 1972, more than 50 years of traditions and recipes have been handed down from founder Luciano to his pupil Alessio.

During your stay in Tuscany: Italian meat, Tuscan meat, and local products

Macelleria da Luciano home delivers to local customers and ships certain vacuum-packed products, such as sausages and salami, throughout Italy in special refrigerated boxes

In Macelleria da Luciano in Poggibonsi

Tuscan local food Poggibonsi

High-quality traditional meat cuts and cold cuts

Tasty recipes and meals for special dinners

Fine local products: cheese, wine, fresh pasta and pickles

Quality Warranty

Careful selection of suppliers

Macelleria Luciano selects the best suppliers and producers in Valdelsa and the Siena area for both meat and cheese

The pursuit of high quality, however, is not just about the local area, but also expands beyond the regional borders, with Piedmontese scottona, and a few imported pieces of the highest quality, such as loins and pieces of Danish, French, and Irish beef.

Traditional cuts of prime meat

Accurate processing in the workshop

The main activity in our workshop is cutting the meat of the half-breast strictly from very young rump, which is female bovine (often Limousine breed) aged between 15 and 24 months, in order to offer the right cut for each recipe.


Therefore in cold and or mild seasons we suggest for stews our tail, tongue, walnut pigeon, breast slice, ribs, cimalino or spinach (also widely used for hotpot); sorra; muscle; which are very suitable in long cooking of overcooked; for braised meats and the famous “Peposo dell’Impruneta.”

Always good Steaks in fillet or rib eye, rump for grilling for excellent cuts!

Multiple preparation

And then the rump or slab, the knuckle or rosette, the back or quartering for all kinds of chops or cutlets in oil, in gratins, saltimbocca. The lizard for “fried flab” refried in tomato, the leg or shoulder swivel or sirloin for tasty English-style roast beef or for the so-called “lean Tuscan” well cooked!

So many cuts and for each one multiple different preparations the butcher’s challenging task is to suggest according to the customer’s needs the right piece that best meets his taste, and we try to do that to the best of our ability!

Fresh sausages that can also be eaten raw:

Last but not least, one day a week is devoted in our workshop to the preparation of fresh sausages that can also be eaten raw according to Luciano's ancient and original recipe.

Gourmet dinner preparations

The list of our preparations:

  • PMeatballs and meatloaf
  • Stuffed chickens, guinea fowls or necks
  • Pork loin with bone or without

    "wrapped in pork" and not, ready for the oven and served with potatoes

  • Pork tenderloin with apples and plums

    elegantly tied ready for the pan

  • Alessio's Cordon blue in Cimamori

    beef with a heart of cotto and fontina cheese

  • Chicken or beef rolls

    with ham and fontina cheese

  • Chicken or turkey roll

    with bacon and rosemary

  • At Macelleria da Luciano's, there is also the TARTARE

    which is beaten exclusively with a knife.

and much more....

Fine local and non-local products

At Macelleria Da Luciano you’ll find ‘excellent fresh pasta from Montelupo Fiorentino produced by Tortellinificio Jolly and many kinds of genuine dairy products artisanally produced by Antica Fattoria del Palagiaccio in Scarperia, such as tasty cow and sheep cheeses and ricottas.


The Il Bottaccio company in Campiglia Marittima was selected because of the exclusivity and excellence of its products: pickled vegetables in extra virgin olive oil, such as eggplant, cauliflower, artichokes even in larger cuts!

In the small wine shop inside the butcher shop, it is possible to match the right wine to the meat

and cold cuts, thanks to the wide range of fine Italian red and white wines.


The store in Viale Guglielmo Marconi in Poggibonsi (Siena)

Come visit us in the Cimamori location.

The butcher shop is located on the corner that connects Castellina Road to Poggibonsi, near the stadium, with convenient parking exclusive to the Butcher Shop inside the Cimamori B&B (Family Property) at Civic 167, just a few steps away!!!

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